Complete these sentences with a question tag.

1.The milk isn`t the glass,______________?
2.There is some milk in the glass,__________?
3.Mrs Brown`s son had a flat in London,__________?
4.There is no garden behind their house,______________?
5.You keep your things in this box,___________?
6.You like your new flat,_________?
7.You don`t like meat,_________?
8.You never eat sweets,________?
9.He`s translating a text,__________?
10.He`s translated the text,________?


Ответы и объяснения

1. ,is it?
2. , isn't there?
3. , didn't he?
4. , is there?
5. , don't you?
6. , don't you?
7. , do you?
8. , do you?
9.,  isn't he?
10. , hasn't he?