10.complete the sentences below using gerunds.

model: i love to go to the movies.

going to the movies is great

a.pupils of our class can easily read books in english.

reading books in english is----------

b.i like going to thye beach at weekends.

going to---------------------- is enjoyable.

c. I dream to travel all over the world.

------------------ all over the world is my dream.

d. i find it difficult to dod sums.

------------------------------------------------------------------ is doifficult.

11. now write more sentences . this time write about your own feelings and opinions.

example:i have difficulty in doing sums.

1.i"m very interested in---------------------------------- (skiing. collecting stamps. taking photos)

2.i"m thinking of------------------------ (going to france. learning italian. visiting you next week)

3.thank you for------------------------ (bringing me a book , inviting me to the party,borrowing me your bicycle)

4.i"m looking forward to ----------------------------- (having summer holidays, meeting my friend)

5.i"m keen on-------------------------------(taking care of animals, reading books, watching video)


Ответы и объяснения

A) useful или exciting или very interesting
b) to the beach at weekends
c) Travelling
d) Doing sums is difficult

1. I am very interested in taking photos.
2. I'm thinking of going to France.
3. Thank you for inviting me to the party.
4. I am looking forward to having summer holidays.
5. I'm keen on taking care of animals.