Define the type of question 1What is the meaning of that? She going to live in the house,isn’t she 2Is literature less human that the architecture and sculpture of Egypt? 3You have Mr.Eden’ s address,haven ’t you, Mr.Ends? 4Were you talking about the house?I haven’t seen it yet, you know.Shall we all go on Sunday? 5How will you carry the bill into effect? Can you commit a whole country to their own prisons? 6 Is Mrs .Varden at home? Said Mr.Chester. 7Would you permit me to whisper in your ear,one half a second? 8But if this fellow tries to escape? 9They (the Jewels) are not yours,are they? returned Raeburn.


Ответы и объяснения


1. специальный, разделительный.

2. общий.

3. разделительный

4. общий, общий

5. специальный, общий.

6. общий

7. общий

8. общий

9. разделительный