Могу с текстом помочь, а со вторым заданием - уже сам, ибо в нём знания английского языка практически не нужны. Логика и здравый рассудок.
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A small computer based on the recently developed inexpensive microprocessor from Intel was built in 1974 by research engineer Ed Roberts. His computer was called the Altair 8800 and was offered as a kit.
The Altair didn't actually do much as computer. It didn't have a screen or a keyboard or any software. But a hole was filled. It was the very first personal computer on the market. 
Users had to program Altair in machine code. A Harvard student and his friend, Bill Gates and Paul Allen called Roberts and offered a BASIC interpreter for the Altair to be developed. He agreed and within six weeks the program from Gates and Allen was bought. Allen was hired as software developer. Later Microsoft Corparation was established by Allen and Gates.