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Cat — beautiful, surprisingly clever creation, gentle, tender and devoted to the person. The cat quickly gets used to the house and becomes the close friend. Correctly brought up cat doesn't cause to the owner of unpleasant efforts, and heavy minutes of life will help to remove a nervous stress, will distract from sad thoughts and daily cares.
The destiny of a cat completely depends on our attachments and preferences, tolerance and generosity. The house cat trustfully handed over the life and wellbeing in our hands, and we in the answer for, whether it will be happy, cheerful and healthy or, on the contrary, is timid, mistrustful, aggressive, vindictive, painful. The cat looks forward loving owner at a door when it just approaches to the house and enters into an entrance. Having appeared far from the house owing to any circumstances, the cat will surely find the road to a native threshold. The cat of the first will feel approach of earthquake or other natural cataclysm and in own way will warn us about it. Continuous contacts to cats lead to fall of pulse rate and a blood pressure. Cats treat people

I have a cat. Her name is SuzanneShe is an adult cat, it about two years. She has adark gray back, pink belly, neck deep pink, little black nose, whiskers long tail of smoke.Our Suzy - an unusual cat, she has a little flat nose and a very long furMom says shePersian breed.

The cat likes to lie on the TV and look out the windowSometimes Heather is on the windowsill, hanging leg at the curtain, and sleep. Sometimes she likes to play with a paper ball or my feetMost of all she loves her mother.
Last year, our cat had kittens, two boys and three girls, they were all different colors.When they were born, you were blind and could not walk more than thatA month later,the kittens grew up, opened his eyes and began to run throughout the apartment.Suzanne could not bring them all together. She mewed and called them to himBut they came to his mother only when they wanted to eat. I love my cat.