write about spring, summer, autumn and winter in twenty sentences( написать о весне,лете,осени и а зоме в 20 предложениях)


Ответы и объяснения

Spring is one of the beautiful warm season, cause the green leaves and flowers again start to come alive and decorate it with nice colors and scent. Birds will come back, bright sun will appear to shine us. Isn't it amazing in spring? We can do many fun activities outside and discover many animals in the forest. Rain will come back and water all the plants and make them grow.
       Summer is amazing. We can have picnics, go to the beach. We can have summer holidays in other forein countries. Travel in interesting places. Visit the zoo and many amazing things which will make summer as one of your favorate season.
       Winter can be called as snow white season. Snow falls and clouds cover the sky, trees and grass are also covered with snow. It is very fun to play in the snow: Make snow man, play or fight with snowballs, slide in the slippery ice and skate wherever you want only where there is snow. When I walk outside at night i see brilliant sparkling snow lying all over the ground. I feel like i am in a fairytale, but its reality and its very surprising.
         Autumn, the beauty of leaf shapes. In autumn, you can see leaves falling day by day, thats why autumn is also called as fall. Children likes to collect autumn leaves which are so beautiful that they make nice decorations for head, make bracelets or present it to someone they like ( for example mom).
         All this seasons are amazing. You just need to see deep into them and choose what season you like the most, but i say you just need to like them all.