Напишите о нанотехнологиях для детей, предолжений 10-15


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Lately I often hear the word «nanotechnology». If you ask any scientist, what it is, and what is needed nanotechnology, the answer was short: «Nanotechnology change the habitual properties of the substance. They transform the world and make it better.»
Scientists argue that nanotechnology will be used in very many areas of activity: industry, energy, space exploration, medicine and many other things. For example, tiny nanobots, can penetrate any human cell can quickly treat certain diseases and perform such operations, which even the most skilled surgeon.
Thanks to nanotechnology, there will be «smart house». In them the person practically not have to deal with tedious household chores. On these responsibilities would take a clever things» and «smart dust». People will wear clothing that does not get dirty, moreover, tells the owner that, for example, it's time for dinner, or take a shower.
Nanotechnology will invent computers and mobile phones, which can be placed as a handkerchief, and carried in a pocket.
In short, scientists nanotechnology really intend to significantly transform human life.
What is nanotechnology
What is nanotechnology? And how exactly they can change the properties of things?
The word «nanotechnology» consists of two words - «nano» and «technology.»
«Nano» is a Greek word meaning one billionth part of something, for example, meters. The size of a single atom is a bit smaller than a nanometer. A nanometer is so less than a meter, as far as ordinary горошина less than the earth's globe. If human growth was one nanometer, the thickness of a sheet of paper would have seemed a man equal to the distance from Moscow to the city of Tula, and this is as much as 170 miles!
The word «technology» means the creation of accessible materials that we need.
But nanotechnology is the creation of what a person needs of atoms and groups of atoms (called nanoparticles) with the help of special devices.
Scientists agree that nanoparticles of all, that the size is from one to one hundred nanometers.
There are two types of nanoparticles.
First, a more simple method is the «top-down». The source of the material crushed in a variety of ways until the particle will not nanoscale.
The second is obtaining nanoparticles by combining the individual atoms, «bottom-up». This is a more difficult way, but it is scientists see the future нанотехнодогий.
The first method of obtaining nanoparticles - grinding material until the particle will not nanoscale. The second way of obtaining nanoparticles - Association of atoms in the nanoparticle different ways.
Obtaining nanoparticles in this way is like working with a designer. Only as components are the atoms and the molecules of scientists create new nanomaterials and nanodevices.