Peter the First
was the king of Russia. (Who) -Who
was Peter the Great?

Peter learned the trade of ship. (What) –
What did Peter learn?

1. He was a
big, strong boy. (Was)

2. Peter
liked games very much. (What)

3. He
played soldiers with his friends. (What)

4. Because
he was a prince, he could use real guns. (Why)

5. He had a
real castle where he could play. (Where)

6. He lived
in a palace. (Where)

7. He
trained to be a soldier. (Did)

8. Peter
studied History and Maths. (What)

9. He built
new cities. (What)

10. He
travelled to many countries. (Did)

11. He made
a lot of ships. (What)

12. He
organized a strong army. (Did)

13. He made
a lot for his country, so he was called Peter the Great. (Why)

3. Ответьте на составленные вами вопросы. Все задания
выполняйте в тетради или на листке.


Ответы и объяснения

Who was he?
What does Peter like very much?
What did Peter play with his friends?
Why could he use real guns?
Where could he play?
Where did he live?
What did Peter study?
Did he travel to many countries?
What did he make?
Did he organist a strong army?
Why was he called Peter the Great?
Спасибо а где ещё 2 ???
what did he build?
did he train to be a soldier?