Сочинение(эссе) Opinion essay,на тему:The modern world relies on technological devices too much. В интернете ничего нет на эту тему.Не меньше 120 слов и не меньше 4 абзацев. Спасибо


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Nowadays our technical progress is widely developed. A lot of people can't live without habitual devices like a mobile phones, personal computers and tv.
But too fast-paced progress spoils our life - we began being too lazy because devises do most of people's work, and some people are losing their job, people aren't necessary.
So do we need a technical progress? is it really usefull nowadays? Should we stop using our devises?
each of us has a personal opinion, but i think we should. 
what will do the people, if robots will do all our work? Lie on a sofas and eat? is it our future?
that will be the end of humanity.
it will not be anything organic and natural, it will be nothing human.
if humanity wants to have a perfect happy future with live families we need to stop dumping our work to devises, computers and robots, we have enough help from already available.

как-то так, больше ничего не придумала)