Срочно!! помогите пожалуйста!! нужно написать эссе по английскому на тему " плюсы и минусы информационных технологий"
объем 70 слов где то


Ответы и объяснения

Information Technology has become more and more important to human's life. Therefore, advance in Information technology has tremendous changes on today's world.

Technology impacts today's world positively by two main ways. First, it makes life more convenient and easier. With the help of technology, many works for example household chores can be done without human. Second, Information technology causes several influences on human's entertainment.

Information Technology also has negative effects on world particularly human's health and communication. The first effect is health. Since technology help people doing almost everything and provides wide range of entertainment, they become lazier and not likely to participate in outdoor activities. Therefore, many health problems are caused by the impact of technology. The second effect is communication - people do not have many chances for face to face interaction.

In conclusion, technology has several positive effects on today's world like making life more convenient and providing huge entertainment storage; however it can affects people's health and interaction negatively. Therefore, people should find solution for these problems.