нужно составить аргументы в виде 4-х предложений на каждое утверждение:
All teachers must be over thirty-five.
People must travel a lot before they become teachers.
По 4 аргумента надо составить к каждому утверждению ! пожалуйста помогите !


Ответы и объяснения

1. The older teachers are, the more educational experience they have.
2. At this age people as a rule have their own children which also mens having experience.
3. The older they are, the more knowledge they have.
4. At this age people are more constant at their believes, views, opinins, they also seem to be more reliable.

1. If teachers thavel a lot they will have knowledge of different cultures, consicuently the will be more leal (лояльный, честный) to children of different nationalities.
2. This way teachers might become more sociable and more communicative.
3. If having been travelling a lot one may have more intresting things to tell about which is quite good for a teacher.
4. Also travelling usually means self-developement which is again good for a teacher.