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Present Continuos:

1. I am looking for my glasses now.

2. Look! The boys are playing football in the yard.

3. We are waitng for Tom now.

4. She is cooking breakfast at this moment.

5. Sam is reading a book. Don't bother him!

Past Continuos:

1. They were having dinner when their friend came.

2. LIlly was playing the piano at 5 o'clock yesterday.

3. He was writing the exercise when the teacher came in.

4. Mother was watering flowers at that time last Monday.

5. We were sleeping when the bell rang.



You arelearning

Is your Spanish getting better

The population of the world is increasing very fast

My cousin is living in Paris at the moment

Is he having a shower?


I was reading a book

They were playing chess. 

Sue was working at ten o'clock yesterday morning. 

It was raining when I went out into the street. 

Little Mary came in. She was eating an ice-cream.