Помогите написать сочинение " принцесса Диана " на английском - пожалуйста:)


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Princess Diana was born July 1, 1961 in Sandringham , Norfolk to John Spencer. Her father was Viscount Althorp , the representative branch of the same family of Spencer - Churchill , Duke of Marlborough , and that , and Winston Churchill . Diana's ancestors on the paternal side were the bearers of royal blood through the illegitimate son of King Charles II and the illegitimate daughter of his brother and successor, King James II. Earl Spencer has long lived in the heart of London , at Spencer House.Diana childhood spent in Sandringham , where he received primary education at home . Her teacher was governess Gertrude Allen, who has taught her mother Diana. Education continued to Silfilde at a private school near the Kings Line , then prep school Ridlsuort Hall.When Diana was 8 years old , her parents divorced . She continued to live with her father , her sisters and brother. Divorce had a strong influence on the girl , and soon appeared in the house stepmother , who disliked children.In 1975, after the death of his grandfather , the father of Diana became the 8th Earl Spencer , and she gained the title of courtesy , " lady ", intended for the daughters of senior peers. During this period, the family moved to the ancient ancestral castle Althorp House in Nottrogtonshirre .In 12 years, the future princess took a privileged school for girls in West Hill, Sevenoaks , Kent . Here she was a bad pupil and could not finish it . At the same time, her musical ability is not in doubt. Woman also fond of dancing . In 1977 he briefly attended school in the Swiss town of Rougemont . Once in Switzerland , Diana soon began to feel homesick and returned to England early.In the winter of 1977, before leaving to study , first met her future husband - Prince Charles - when he comes to Althorp hunting.In 1978 he moved to London , where the first stop in the apartment of the mother ( the wire then most of the time in Scotland) . As a gift for the 18th anniversary of got his own apartment worth 100,000 pounds in Earl 's Court, where she lived with three girlfriends . During this period, Diana , and previously adored children , began working assistant kindergartener "Young England " in Pimiliko