Срочно нужно сочинение про кино, где-то 100 слов помогите плиззз


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The world's first cinema session held December 28, 1895 in Paris. " Moving pictures " - the invention of the Lumiere brothers - was a great success . Now it seems that the movie is not unusual , so simple. But to come up with this simple way to display reality humankind was able only at the turn of the XX century . Neither kind of art does not have such broad capabilities impact our perception of how the movie : it combines acting, light and color , different plans , composition and music, word , noises and sounds ... This " seventh art " , as they call cinema absorbed the experience of all the other six arts , because cinema achievements associated with the development of technology. Cinema - the brainchild of technological progress. Can we now compare contemporary films with the first steps of silent movies ? But since the invention of cinema was not so much time ... In the spring of 1896 in Russia , a demonstration of the new invention - in St. Petersburg , in the "Aquarium" , and in Moscow Operetta Theater . In the entertainment business , " cinematography " shown as a technical attraction , along with the other rooms of variety performance. Demonstrated his short films, brought from Paris, who were only 10 - 15 minutes. Aroused the interest of spectators is not the content of the pictures , and the extraordinary sight of "living pictures." At the end of last year and early this century cinema is gradually becoming a way of life and becoming one of the most popular shows. Since 1903, in the big cities there are special " Electro " for showing films . This gave rise to the production of new paintings. Now it was impossible to go on repeating the same program update required repertoire. Owning a new entertainment enterprises unprofitable to acquire the ownership of the films , since a few days after the show , they lose value for the enterprise , but they could be successfully demonstrated in another. So the idea of ​​rolled films. Initially, the program consisted of five to ten short films. In content they can be divided into two groups : films on real events ( life of different peoples , paintings of nature , politics , science experiments ) , and entertaining films that demonstrated a circus and cabaret . At first it was just a simple fix submission actors. Further development led to the emergence of cinema films , specially designed for the screen. The first films were given limited " silent " movie. They had a lot of tricks , the plot developed in action. Amused spectator fights , falls, often rude jokes . "Stars" screen addicted exaggerated facial expressions , grimacing comedians , beat the dishes. All this primitive cultivated humor . The creators of the first films were of the main provisions of theatrical art. The film is divided into several episodes that were shot with a single fixed point. Actors played the same way as on the stage , but much gesticulating and gave special expressive face to make up for the absence of speech in silent films . However, already at this time beginning to be applied nature photography , and it displays the action beyond the theatrical scenery and related conventions. But here , in the open air , the actors behave as artificial as well as on the stage floor .