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Какие газеты и журналы мы читаем на украине
Какие газыты и журналы мы читаем на Украине.
Millions of people all over the world read newspapers and magazines. They play an important role in the life of any nation.
Among the first newspapers in Ukraine, there were Lviv Courier (started in 1749), Kharkiv Weekly (started in 1817). Since Ukraine became independent state, the proportion of newspapers and magazines in the Ukrainian language has increased. A total of more than 3,000 newspapers are published in Ukraine, plus 1,500 magazines.
The main national newspapers are Holos Ukrainy, Pravda Ukrainy, Silski Visti etc. Very popular newspapers are Fakty, Dzerkalo Tyzhnya and some others. They report national and international news very thoroughly1.
Among the popular magazines are Berehynya, Diloviy Visnyk, Korespondent, Lyudyna і Svit etc. There are magazines and periodicals for many trades, professions and interests.
They can say what they like about anyone and anything: the army, officials, private ['praivit] individuals, politics and so on. There are many local editions, too. Newspapers can be of daily or weekly publication. Magazines are usually monthlies. They vary in contents and size and appeal to different kinds of readers.
Today's Ukrainian periodicals are independent. The state of Ukraine guarantees their economic independence. But in practice editors and journalists sometimes face different problems. In any democratic society press is a real 'fourth estate'2 that provides control of most aspects in the life of the society.
Миллионы людей во всем мире читают газеты и журналы. Они играют важную роль в жизни любой страны.
Среди первых газет в Украине был Курьер Львова (начался в 1749), Kharkiv Weekly (начался в 1817). Так как Украина стала независимым государством, пропорция газет и журналов на украинском языке увеличилась. В общей сложности больше чем 3,000 газет изданы в Украине плюс 1,500 журналов.
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