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A 40-year old man came home from his work. In the evening he felt a had
headache and cold. Next morning his wife
called a doctor.

The doctor examined the man and found all the symptoms of influenza.

The man complained of pains in the head, back, eyes, limbs and joints.

His temperature was 38.5°C
(thirty-eight point five).

He was hoarse and had a bad
cough. He often sneezed.

The doctor prescribed some medicine to the man and told him to keep in
bed for some days. The man took the medicine regularly and stayed in bed.

In a few days the temperature
became normal, there was no pain in the limbs and joints but he remained hoarse
for several days. In two weeks he was well again and went to work.


Ответы и объяснения

What had happen to a man?
What did the doctor find when he examined a man?
He often sneezed, didnt he?
What did the doctor advise to the man?