Ответы и объяснения

Our parents are the ones that take care of us in our homes. They are also the ones who guide us to the right path for our future. Our teachers are the ones that serve as our parents in school. They are also the ones that help us discover our own talents. Our friends are the ones that help us in solving the problems we can’t solve alone and helps us when we are in need of something. They provide us laughter in school and they make schooling not to be boring.We are influenced by our parents by teaching us about the world in our early age and later they teach us what is right and wrong. They affect us by teaching us how to do things like cleaning, cooking, to even brushing your teeth. This has a lot of impact in our self-esteem. O the other hand, our teachers has an impact on how we think and this is when we start believing our own thing instead of just listening to what our parents say. Teachers affect our life by showing another way of thinking and doing things. They also help us decide what you want to be. Lastly, friends, from experience, affect our life a lot by having fun and living our life.Parents, teachers, and friends are the ones that made us in what we are today. They are the ones who contributed on what you know and they also influenced you on the things you like and you not like. They are the ones who made your very own self. These people can potentially change your entire life since they are the ones we truly trust since our childhood. When we have a problem, we turn to them and ask for their advice and these advises can potentially change our entire life. Therefore, Parents, teachers and friends contribute a big part of us.