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Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus, its political, economic, cultural and scientific center. It is an ancient city and dates back to the 11th century. There is one version of how it came into being. Gleb Vseslavovich took proposition of Minsk from his father and made it the capital of an independent Principality. There are certain proofs that it was a flourishing commercial center located at the crossroads of the traditional trade rout from east to west and from north to south.Minsk is situated on the river Svisloch and occupies an area of 200 square kilometers. Its population is about 2 million people. During the Great Patriotic War Minsk was destroyed by German invaders almost completely. Minsk lay in ruins. The people of Belarus rebuilt the city. Victory Square, the Eternal Flame at the monument commemorates soldiers, underground fighters, partisans who fell in the battles for freedom f our motherland. The names of many streets of the city commemorate many heroes.The industrial enterprises of Minsk include: the Minsk Tractor Works, Minsk Computer Works, Ball-Bearing Plant, Refrigerator Plant, Watch Factory, and others. Industrial enterprises produce tractors and automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles, TV sets, radio-sets, watches and refrigerators, electronic computers, textile, footwear, food and other goods. It is also a big traffic center with a large network of railways, roads, air lines and two Metro lines. The Minsk Metro is the newest and very beautiful. Each station has some associations with historical events of the country or reflects the peaceful efforts of the people. Minsk is also known as a city of science and students. There is the Academy of Sciences and 16 higher educational establishments there, the biggest of which are the University and the Polytechnic Academy.The city is noted for it's varied interesting cultural life. In Minsk there are 6 theaters, concert halls, a circus, dozens of cinemas, many places of culture, libraries, clubs. The most famous theaters are the Opera and Ballet theatre, the Yanka Kupala Theatre, the Gorky Russian Drama Theatre. Among the most interesting museums one can mention the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, the Art Museum and Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas Museums. The Art Museum is a real treasure-house of fine arts.Minsk is a city of sports. There are good recreation and sports facilities: tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools in various parts of the city. The main sports structures are: the Dynamo Stadium, the Palace of Sports and Water Sports Centre.
Промышленные предприятия Минска включают: Минский тракторный завод, Минский компьютерный завод, Шарико-подшипниковый завод, завод холодильников, часовой завод и другие. Промышленные предприятия производят трактора и автомобили, мотоциклы и велосипеды, телевизоры, радиоприборы, часы и рефрижераторы, электронно-вычислительную технику, текстиль, обувь, продукты питания и другие товары.
Кроме того, это большой транспортный центр с большой сетью железных и автомобильных дорог, воздушных линий и 2 линий метро. Минское Метро является самым новым и очень красивым. Каждая станция имеет некоторые ассоциации с историческими событиями в стране и отражает мирные усилия народа. Минск также известен как город науки и студенчества. Здесь находится Академия наук и 16 высших учебных заведений, самыми большими из которых являются Университет и Политехническая академия.
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Минск- город спорта. В различных частях города есть хорошие рекреативные и спортивные сооружения: теннисные корты, детские площадки, плавательные бассейны. Главные спортивные структуры: Стадион "Динамо", Дворец спорта и Центр водных видов спорта.
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Minsk is the capital of Belarus. Minsk is located in the south-eastern slopes of the Minsk Hills. The climate is temperate continental in Minsk. Minsk has a lot of historical and cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage. Minsk - the largest industrial center of Belarus. There are such powerful assembly plant.