Напишите пожайлуйста 10-16 предложений на английском и русском языке про город моей мечты.


Ответы и объяснения

If five years ago I was asked about how I think the city of the future, then certainly I would say that this city, where instead of buses, trams and trolley buses carrying passengers spaceships and people run the factories, mills, a fully automated and subordinate to computer programs. The children in this town do not know no worries: at their disposal the best toys, rides, computer games ... But the years pass, we get older and realize that children's dreams - it's just fantasy. The city of my dreams - a modern metropolis with a lively, neat, comfortable houses in which there is heat and electricity, in which no water and sewer breaks, forming a fetid rivers and lakes, which are working elevators, and entrances are like showrooms. (Good luck).
Paris is a city of my dream. Why I so like it will ask you. I know. Maybe, because it has the highest tower, where you can see all beautisul city. Maybe, because there are a lot of kind people. I like them, beause them can help you in hard situations. It is very nice to drink warm coffee with cruassans at the breakfast. Drink it and look at the beautiful rising sun over the Eyfeleva tower. And the nights here are beautiful two. At night there are a lot of little lights all over the city and the tower looks so beautisul. Now do you understand, why i so like it?