Political organizations for young people should not exist at all because children are not experienced enought to foresee the results of their activities

Тема, мягко говоря, политическая. Как правило в школах заранее зомбируют детей своим мнением, а затем заставляю писать такие вот вещи. За все другие мнения ставят двойки. Поэтому до того как здесь что-либо раскрыть необходимо узнать что именно вам пытались внушить в школе.
помоги хоть как нибудь.

Ответы и объяснения

I remember our history lessons. It was really hard for a teacher to explain us why we need to learn history
The teacher said us that we need to learn about the past to do properly in the future. We smiled but never got 
that seriously.

Then we grew and met a lot of situations when it was not clear what to do. It was quite obvious that all
solution we could imagine would lead to something bad. We blamed everyone around ourselves. Of course the 
teacher was wrong, the friends were wrong, everyone around us was wrong. 

More years have gone... I started to understand that the situations I met was not so hard as I thought of them.
What was different now? The experience. Yes, during the years I got some experience. This experience allowed me to
solve difficult life situations.

What conclusion can I make from everything I wrote above? I can conclude that children are not quite experienced
to foresee results of their actions. So they do not know which solution leads to which result. That means
if children create a political organisation or adults do that for children the organisation will be hundred percent
useless. It wouldn't be able to produce positive ideas. The only thing it could really do is to stress children.
And it's quite dangerous to stress children. That's why I think children should not be involved in any political organisations