Если общество перестает воспринимать воспроизведение гениев свет неслыханной красоты гаснет в людях
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I'd like to ask you a question. What is the difference between a robot and a human being? If you look at modern robots
you can notice they look quite similiar to people. They can walk, they can talk, they can even do what you ask them to do.

Well to be honest I'm asking myself not you. So as soon as I ask myself I'm going to give an answer. 
Robots are made of steel, silicium and plastic. Their arms are moved by magnets. But does this really matter? I think no. 
The most important thing I think is they can make decisions like humans. What's the difference between their decisions and human
decisions? Well I was thinking a lot about this, I even asked people who designed the robots and they told me that
robot soultions are predictable. Yes, robots are always predictable. They use predefined algorithms which can learn a bit but
they mainly predictable... Just like humans?

Now I would like to explain who are genius people. Why do you think we call someone a genius? First of all I think
we call someone a genius when we do not understand what he did. It usually requires some time to understand
of what a genius actually completed or produced. That simply means he created something that didn't exist before he did that.
When Einstein said that time curves no one understood him. When Bach composed his music it took some time to people to understand
it. It took a while to understand what Tolstoy's done. Kovalevskaya, Mozart, Chaikovsky... They all did something that did not exist before.
That's why they're called "genius".

Of course when we listen, watch or read their masterworks we learn something absolutely new for us that no one knew or could 
understand before. That's our difference with robots. That's why we should percieve what genius create. Without it we become
robots. Yes, just robots without culture, without dreams. Just robots that live using existing program.