Сочените рассказ про мальчиков которые пошли в кинотеатр, там смотрели ужасы, они сильно испугались и ели поп корн, и пили кока колу...
И чтоб рассказ начинался со слов: Last week Larry and Paco were at the cinema.


Ответы и объяснения

Last week Larry and Paco were at the cinema.It was on so much terrible that Larry and Paco ate quickly a message popcorn and drank a Coca Cola. When they left movie theater that they discussed the new movie a horror film. Larry told: "That to it it was very terrible but the movie was taking" then Paco answered: "Yes it was interesting but I seem to me that on the following days off is better to visit the comedy" Larry told: " Certainly I agree with you".
They decided to go a horror movie. Before the film OSTOVALO little time and they decided to buy Coke and popcorn. And so they went into the hall. Beginning of the film. Getting everything went well BUT APPEARED Potamiaena very scary movie picture and boy was so scared he closed the eyes and ears. AND THERE IS OVER A FILM BOYS WALKED on the way home and talk about WHAT WAS SCARY MOVIE!!