Ответьте на вопросы.1.Where were you at 9a.m. yesterday? 2.You were at school yesterday,werent you?3. Was it cold or hot yesterday? 4. Was your dinner tasty yesterday?5. Was it Sunday yestarday? 6.Who do you look like? №4 Write questions to the underlined words? 1.My friend could speak English when he was ten. 2. Ken was in London two years ago.3.James and Mary were at home yesterday. 4. Helen was in the park with her sister.№5 Find the mistakes and correst them.1. l can speak English when l was nine.2.Jane were at home cevery day om Sunday.3. Perer was in the office,was he?4.We was at shool. 5. Where do you were yesterday? помогите пожалуйста и чтобы все правильно было!!!


Ответы и объяснения

1)I was at school.2)I was at school yesterday.3)It was cold yesterday.4)Yes,it was.5)No ,it wasn't.6)I'm look like Jackie chan. Questions.