B4 What's your favorite season?I think ____________ is spring. ( I )
B5 Birds, ________________ in the trees, tell us that winter is finally over.(SING)
B6 The animals that ___________ asleep for months wake up and start to look for food.(BE)
B7 The days are much ________________than they were in the winter, so the plants start to grow, too. (WARM)
B8 The countryside ______________fresh, beautiful and alive. (LOOK)
B9 We can ____________ our coats and umbrellas at home when we go out. (LEAVE)
B10 And unlike in the summer, the sun ______ our skin when we spend a long time outside. (NOT BURN)
B11 The ____________ thing of all about spring, though, is knowing that the summer is not far away! (GOOD)


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