Текст по первому предложению не смогла найти, поможет кто нибудь? If you're one of the prople who've heard all the bustle about camping, and you don't understand what it's all about, then you're in the right place


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Why Go Camping?
If you’re one of the people who’ve heard all the bustle about camping, and you don’t understand what it’s all about, then you’re in the right place. This page is designed to show you the benefits of camping and in general of spending time in the great outdoors, under nature’s hood.Health benefits are a big part of what motivates so many people to spend time outside; however, for many people, outdoor sports become the allure that can lead to years of quality time spent with family and friends.For many people, camping means time away from the city, the office and all of the stress that’s associated. “Weekend escapes” are very popular for people who grow tired with their everyday lives and are looking for something out of the ordinary to do with some of their free time and saved money.Camping is quality time spent with family or friends. The great thing about camping is choosing who you’re going to go with. Some trips and be great opportunities to spend intimate time with a partner or quality time with friends that you don’t get to see all that often. Then there’s also the large group trip, which takes a lot of planning and is a lot of fun, especially at car camping sites, where the environment is more suitable to late night parties.There are many health benefits that come with a good camping trip. You’ll be surprised by all that things you do in the woods that you’d consider exercise. Simple things like getting some water become it’s own little task that requires skills and energy which you’ll develop and increase with time outdoors.Hiking is one of the most beneficial outdoor activities because it works so many parts of the body, from muscular to cardiovascular: after a good hiking trip your body and health state is always higher.Spending time in the wilderness can give you new perspectives on your own lifestyle. There are many people who use the wilderness as the haven that it is, where they practice yoga or quiet meditation. The silence of Nature makes it easy to think.If you are the sports type, you’re going to enjoy the challenge of wilderness and camping activities. For many people, the challenge of a good, long, steep climb is very gratifying, especially if you like sports and shy away from the competition. The sense of group work in hiking and climbing is very strong and fruitful.While camping you can learn skills and responsibilities that either don’t exist in the city and at your home, or aren’t of any use there. Survival skills are popular to learn, especially because they take time and are fun to develop over the years. Camping is especially fun when you go with someone who is more advanced than you. This way you can learn things just by taking note of what your friend does.Camping is also a great way to see the Country and the World. Extended camping trips will give you a while new perspective on the geography of any place. For sure, we all take for granted the gorgeousness of nature in its untouched state. When you’re camping, it’s easier to see this beauty, because you have more time to be near it, to be among it.Finally, camping is a very good way to meet new people. Campers and hikers are friendly people who often help each other out in the wilderness and at other campsites. There is a strong ethic of “help thy neighbor” when you’re on the trail, so be ready for someone to ask for your assistance, and remember, if you need some help tha t you can call upon someone else. Many times, after a long camping trip, Hikers often celebrate with a first meal out of the woods. This is a good opportunity to share time and experiences with your newly met friends. 
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