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Salavat - located 178 kilometers south of the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan - Ufa . The city's population - 157 thousand people. The city occupies an area of ​​106 square meters. km . The city was built on the site of seven villages , which is currently not on the map of Bashkortostan. In the spring of 1948 on the historic path Orenburg , near the village of Great Allaguvat , 15 kilometers from the city of Petroleum Ishimbai and 40 kilometers from Sterlitimak , surveyors was driven first peg . Occurred in the south of Bashkortostan , the village grew rapidly and became a major industrial city (note the authors . June 12, 1954 Salavat village was given city status ) . Back in March 1951 in the village of Salavat railroad came , and in 1956 the opening of the city's railway station . Salavat today - the third largest and the second largest city of products sold in Bashkortostan . Created as the center of the chemical industry , the city occupies a prime location due to favorable climatic conditions , the close proximity to the industrialized centers , which are closely linked due to the presence of transport communications