Продолжите предложения в будущем времени:

1. When I have my house I'll ... .

2. When I arrive in London I'll... .

3. As soon as I get to Japan ... .

4. If I know English very well... .

5. If I go to Hollywood ... .

6. When I marry you ....

7. When I am free....

8. When I am ninety....

9. If I am a millionaire....

10. Before I go to New York....


Ответы и объяснения

1)repair it
2)work a teacher there
3)I'll go shopping
4)i'll communicate with foreigners
5)i'll perform the scene
6)i'll be happy
7)i'll do my homework
8)i'll be a grandmother
9)i'll invest my money for charity
10) I'll  collect my suitcase