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Русск : моя любимая книга Гарри Поттер 1 часть ( начало) . Там рассказывается как маленький мальчик живет в семье , которая его не любит и вдруг он узнает , что он маг (волшебник) После ему пришло письмо из волшебной школы, и он отправился туда. В этой школе он нашёл друзей. Потом в школе начали происходить странные вещи (тролли бегают по школе,  гигантские собаки у которых три головы сторожат двери. Они решили узнать в чём причина. В итоге во всём виноват оказался учитель, у которого было два лица, и который в конце умер. Конец первой части.

англ : 
my favorite book is Harry Potter part 1 ( the beginning) . It tells how the little boy lives in a family that did not love him and suddenly he finds out he's the Magus (magician) After he received a letter from the magic school, and he went down. In this school he found friends. Then in the school of strange things began to happen (trolls are running around the school, gigantic dog with three heads guard the door. They want to find out the reason. In the end, blame it was teacher who had two faces, and that in the end died.
My favourite book is Sherlock Holmes. The author of this book is Arthur Conan Doyle. I like it ver much. There speakes about deductive method of Holmes. THe story was writing from the best friend of Holmes-Dr. Watson. Most of all i liked one story, which name is treasures of Agra. For the Holmes it was very interesting case,  for the manifestation of mental abilities. it took him a little time to make up a logical chain, to trace the criminal and punish them. i admire of his method. i should like to be like him, to be so clever, like him...
Unfortunately it's a fictional man, but he will be in our hearts forever.