1. When the weather (get) warmer, I (start) practising again. 2. "Come in," she said. "I (see) if he (be) at home." 3. Come and see me when you (come) up to town and we (talk) everything over. 4. If my friends (come) in, please ask them to wait in the picture gallery. 5. He (want) to know if you (be) free tomorrow morning at 10.00. 6.1 (wonder) when they (write) to us. 7.1 (be) down at your office at 12 tomorrow. 8. When things (get) a little more settled, we (come) to see you. 9. They can't tell me when they (be) free. 10. Go straight on till you (come) to a fountain at the corner of the street; then turn left and you (find) this shop on your right. 11. When you (come) to the main road remember to stop and look both ways before you (cross). 12. Ask them when they (move) to a new flat. 13. "I want to get to the bottom of the valley." - "You must be careful when you (go) down because the slope of the hill (be) very slippery." 14. "I (be) glad when I (get) to the top!" 15. He doesn't say when he (come) back. 16. "Give this message to your teachers as soon as you (come) to school," said his mother. - "All right," said the boy running out. - "I (be) sure it (be) still in his pocket when he (get) home tonight," said his father. 17. If the patient (continue) to improve we (transfer) him to another ward. 18. "I (buy) some pot plants." - "When you (buy) them?" - "The florist (bring) them. Perhaps he (bring) them in the afternoon." 19. If you (look) at them, don't smile. 20. Before we (talk) about it, I'd like to show you something.


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1.gets, will start
2.will see,is
3.come will talk
5.wants, will be
6.wonder,will write
7.will be
8.get, will come

9.will be

10.come,will find
11.come,will cross
12.will move
13.go,will be
14.will be,get
15.will come
16.come,am,wilstill be,,gets
18.have bought,did you buy,brought,will bring