Переведите на английский соблюдая првила согласования времен


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1. I was afraid that I should lose my way in the forest.
2. She knew that we had never seen her picture.
3. The scientist was sure that he would find the solution of the problem.
4. I knew that you had come to St Petersburg and supposed that you would visit me.
5. We did not think that he would be so angry.
6. We learnt yesterday that she was ill.
7. He thought that she would not come to school.
8. I knew that my sister was studying French and thought that she would go to Paris.
9. I was told that you had rang me up.
10. I thought that you were in Moscow.
11. I did not know that you had already returned to St Petersburg.
12. We hoped that we should go to London.
13. The teacher said that our friends had sent a letter from London.
14. She said that her friend had invited her to the theatre.
15. We were afraid that we should not buy (be able to buy) a ticket to the theatre. 
16. We saw that the children were playing in the sand.

17. She said that she would not bathe any more because the water was cold.
18. My cousin said that she liked opera and would be glad to go to the theatre with us, although she had already listened to La Traviata twice.