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There are many kinds of music in the world.  It is very important to have your own style of it. As for me, I like listening to folk metal. Many people think metal is too aggressive and heavy genre but they're wrong. You can divide it into subgroups: doom, heavy, industrial, so etc. Some of these kinds are really pertain for you, for example, I've chosen folk metal.  It was formed at the beginning of the 80s, 1984 by the very English band "Golgotha". So, what's the main feature of this genre? Actually, it is played with lots of folk instruments. There are a lot of groups in the North of Europe, especially in Finland . But we also have them: "Arkona", "Kalevala" are famous enough. And if you like your history, your national music and at that time something hard you should listen to it. Anyway, in my opinion, it is music for people who can think. But it depends on interests of a person. The fact is we cannot like without music.