A Read the text
and put the verbs in brackets in the Active or Passive voice in the correct

(7 points)

When you visit Rhydyronnen in
Wales, you (0)
__will get __ (get) a
very friendly welcome from James and Tina Flanagan, who (1) ___________
(operate) this unusual project for many years. It
(2) ___________
(include) an inn, restaurant, shop and post office as well as three cottages.
Several years ago the National Trust (3) ___________ (restore) the property,
which (4) _____________ (be) unused for a number of years. Now it is once more
an important part of village life. The self-catering cottages (5) _____________
(furnish) in nineteenth-century style, but with modern conveniences included.
Rates (6) ___________ (start) at £140 a week. More information and maps of
Wales can (7) ___________ (order) from James and Tina Flanagan, Rhydyronnen,
Cwmdu, Llandeilo, Dyfed, Wales SA19 7DY.

(adapted from Spotlight)


Ответы и объяснения

1- operate, 2-includes, 3-restored, 4-wasn't, 5-furnished, 6-start, 7-be ordered.