Work in pairs.Ask your partner what you should do.If you are not sure what to say, use the words from the box below.
Example:I want to know what my rights are.What should i do?-You should stedy law.

1.I want to learn about conflict prevention.What should i do?
2.I want to break the stereotypes of people from other cultures.What should i do?
3.I want to learn to be tolerant.What should i do?
4.I want to help people with disabilities.What should i do?
5.I want to express my sympathy for people who suffer from discrimination.What should i do?
6.I want violence on TV to be prohibited.What should i do?
7.I want to take an active part in the government.What should i do?

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1) You should study conflict psychology. 2) You should communicate more with the foreigners. 3) You should follow your mother's advice and work at yourself. 4) You should join a charity organization. 5) You should talk to them and show that all the nations are equal. 6) You should complain on such TV programmes to the authorities. 7) You should stand for elections