Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice. Заранее благодарю
1. The students greeted the famous lecturer warmly. 2. They have recently built a huge plant, in the town of N. 3. We must finish the work by tomorrow. 4. When I fell ill, my mother sent for the doctor. 5. They looked for the girl everywhere. 6. They did not listen to the boy. 7. She looks after the patients well. 8. They asked for our address. 9. My father looked through these papers this morning. 10. He will give my brother English lessons. 11. A friend of his has shown me an interesting magazine. 12. His friend told him everything.


Ответы и объяснения

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1.  the famous lecturer was greeted warmly by the students . 2. in the town of N a huge plant has been built recently by them. 3. the work must have been finished by tomorrow. 4. When I fell ill, the doctor was sent for me by my mother . 5. the girl  was looked for everywhere by them. 6. the boy was not listened to by them . 7. the patients are looked well after by her. 8. our address was asked by them . 9. these papers were looked through by my father   this morning. 10. English lessons will be given my brother by him 11. an interesting magazine has been shown me by a friend of his  . 12. everything was told him by his friend.