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Next week is going to be rather busy for me. Some of our relatives are coming to stay whith us over Easter. My aunt and her husband are coming with their child. tomorrow i'll be busy buying a new dress and shoping for Easter souvenirs. How do you usually celebrate Easter? How are you going to spend Easter holidays? What have you bought as Easter present?


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Hi ....(имя подруги)!
I want to tell you about holiday -  Easter and how I celebrate it.My parents always bake an Easter cake. I help her colouring eggs. It is a tradition. On Easter all our family comes together in our house. We sit at the holiday table and congratulate each other with the words "Christ is risen - He is risen indeed". This Easter we will celebrate in our house. Yesterday I bought a little souvenir for my relatives.
Looking forward for your letter,
Your ( твое имя)