Помогите ответить на вопросы. Учебник милли 4 класс.
Wraite a story to a shool magazine.

A football/ice hockey
When was it?

Who played the game?

Who scored a goal?

Who won the game?


When was it?

Who ran in the race?

Who came first?

Did She (he) win a gold medal?

Who came second?

Who came third?

On top of the world .

What is her (his) name?

What country is she (he) from?

When did she (he) start doing the sport?

When did she (he) win her (his) first medal?

A PE Lesson.

When was it?

Did you run in a race?

Did you play a game?

Who came first?

Who won the game?

Did you get good marks?


What sport do you do?

When did you start doing it?

Do you do if every day?

Did you win any medals?

When did you win one?


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