Ребятки помогите с экзаменационными вопросиками:*

1)What do you like doing on a pleasant sunny day?

2)What do you usually do when the weather is terribly cold?

3)Are there things you never do?What are they?

4)Do you enjoy sports and games?Which ones?

5)Do you like to stay alone when you have some free time?

6)How much of your free time do you spend in the open air?

7)How often do you go to the theatre,circus,or museums?

8)What do you usually do after school?

9)What do you usually do on holiday?

10)What kinds of sport are useful and exciting?

11)What outdoor games are popular in Russia?

12)Do your classmates take an interest in sports?

13)Are you a great sports fan?

14)How often do you watch sports competitions?

15)What competitions,games or races do you find interesting to watch?


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1) a warm summer day, I love hanging out with friends, or basking in the bright sun on the beach.
2) when the outside is very cold, I'm sitting at home watching TV set or read a good book.
3) I do not like to clean house.
4) I love football, and sometimes I play with my friends.
5) I like to be one when I listen to music, and I always friends.
6) hour a day, I select to be like the fresh air.

7) once a month with my mother, I go to the theater

8) After school I either go for a walk or doing homework.
9) on vacation, I always go out with friends
10) I believe that swimming is the most healthy sport
11), badminton and tennis are very popular in Russia
12), none of my classmates did not play sports

13) Yes, I have a very good fan of boxing. I know the names of all the great boxers and never miss a single battle.
14) I do not miss a single event, for this is as soon as something interesting, I'm just going to look at.
15), boxing and football - the most interesting event in my opinion