Сочинение по Английскому языку Проблемы между подростками и их родителями План: 1.Introduction 2.What problems children have with them them parents 3.What Problems parents have with them Clildren 4.Why they have this problems 5.How they can solve these problems


Ответы и объяснения

All people have problems. Some people have a lot of problems, others have one or two. And no matter how old you are, you will still face difficulties in your life. We can solve some problems but some problems are very hard to solve.
I would like to talk about the problems between teengers and their parents.  Young people have as many difficulties as grown-up people have. There are problems, which are common for all young people. That probles  is how to communicate with parents, because  teenagers almost think that  noone can understand them  and their problems. These problems are how to spend  their  free time, choos a good friend, how to deal with parents and the classmates, find  place in this world, first love and relations with beloved, choose where to study after finishing school, alcohol and drugs.
Teenagers think that  parents  don’t understand the clothes that they wear and the music that they listen to. For example my parents want me to become a doctor as they are skilled teachers but I have a taste for economics, and my dream is to be an accountant. But they say they know better. They often treat me  like a small child. And this is rather difficult to start listening to each other and understanding each other.
 But we have to try to understand parents  also because they  have  big life experience and they love us and want a good life for us.  They scary about our health, about our study, about money they used to spend for the education and etc. They have a great responsobility because they gave us life.
I think that its normal for teenagers to make mistakes because only those who do nothing make no mistakes. The best way to solve this problem is to communicate with parents , became friends to each other , and also to be yourself and be responsible for your life