Помогите пожалуйста решить тест.

1. What river does London
stand on?

a) the Severn;

b) the Trent;
c) the Thames;
d) the Potomac.

2. How is the most important business part of London called?

a) the Town;

b) the City;

c) the Country;

d) the Capital.
3. How old is London?

a) 1000;

c) 2000;
d) 2500.

4. What is the largest park in London?

a) GreenPark;
b) St. James Park;

c) Hyde Park;

d) Regent's Park.

5. Who is the present monarch in Great Britain?

a) Prince Charles;
b) Prince Henry;
c) Queen Elizabeth I;
d) Queen Elizabeth II.

6. How many countries does the UK consist of?

7. What weather is the most common in Great Britain?
a) rainy;

c) snowy;
d) frosty.

8. Which of these rivers is not situated in Great Britain?

a) the Severn;
b) the Trent;
c) the Potomac;
d) the Thames.

9. From what countries did Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

a) France and Germany;

b) Greece and Scandinavia;

c) Germany and Scandinavia;

d) Greece and France.

10. Where does the monarch of Great Britain live?

a) in BuckinghamPalace;

b) in Westminster

c) in the White House;

d) in the Tower
of London

11. Choose the famous place where every person can speak on any theme.

a) Hyde Park;
b) Trafalgar Square;

c) Piccadilly Circus;

d) the National Gallery.

12. What building is situated in the centre of Trafalgar Square?
a) the National Gallery;

b) BuckinghamPalace;

c) Trajan's Column;
d) Nelson Column


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