письмо нужно написать?
сочинение на тему моя кола город пермь
моя школа в городе Перми
вот тебе мой совет напиши на русском о школе а с помошью переводчика переведи

Ответы и объяснения

Hi, my name is ... And I study in a classical school number ... I adore my school. It is interesting to study day by day, to get knowledge and have fun. I love my school because of my friends too. It is amazing to spend time with them when we have a break together. We can talk about everything, to have lunch or speak with people from another classes. And if course teachers in our school are best. They like their job, children and because of that our lessons are always interesting and not boring. School is a place not just for studying, it is a place where we learn how communicate with another people, we learn how to be independent, responsible and competitive. So school is a period of time, formed our character, behavior. So school is the most important part of our life.