I was born in Kiev in 1980. So I am thirty years old now. My childhood I have spent with my parents also in Kiev. I live there now. In 1986 I entered school #105 and I graduated from it in 1997. In the same year I entered Kyiv Polytechnic University and graduated from it in 2003. In 2003 I got my first job in International Audit Company where I work till now.I am married. My wife Nina is also thirty years old. We are waiting for a child. My parents live in Odessa. They moved there in 2004 due to the health requirements of my mother. My father’s name is Igor, my mother’s name is Julia. I love them vary much as they gave everything I have: education, accommodation, and breeding.I have a hobby. During my spare time I like to roll-skate. I am not professional in it but I enjoy it a lot. My wife has the same hobby but now she is pregnant so I roll-skate alone.


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