Ребят помогите с английским поставьте слова в скобках в Present Perfect
1) I _____ (visit) America twice , I went in 2002 and last year
2) Paul _____(never\ win ) a competition in his life , but he always tries hard.
3) ________(Sally and Mark/find) a new house yet? No they _____(look) at over twenty houses this week, but they ______(not see) one they like
4) We (buy) tickets for the football match on Saturday. Do you want to go?
5) I ` ve got a messsage for Sue and I don`t know where she is ____(you/see) her?
6) _________(Sarah/see) that film ? Let`s go and see it tomorrow if she_____(not see) it yet
7) You _________ ( not answer ) my question yet ,


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1) have visited;2)  has never won;3) Have Sally and Mark found; have looked; haven't seen;4)  have bought; 5) have you seen;6) Has Sarah seen; hasn't seen;7) haven't answered