Помогите пожалуйста, мне нужно 10 предложений на тему "мои предпочтения в еде".
заранее спасииибо :)))

что нужно выпиши и всё
сори сейчас исправлю

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When I was little , I loved most of all watermelons. They are so sweet and juicy . I like to bite off a big chunk and feel as the juice runs down my cheeks. I am also madly in love chicken soup . It has a pleasant taste. It was a carrot , noodles and chicken strips . After the soup had a pleasant feeling . I also liked the lamb chops with roasted potatoes. At that time it was my favorite dishes. In watermelon have vitamins . Chicken soup makes you feel better when you're sick and gives energy . Chops - source of protein , and the potatoes polezna.Seychas my favorite food - sushi . It is a traditional Japanese dish . Sushi made ​​from raw flying fish , shrimp, tuna , eggs, squid and so on. Sushi melt in your mouth and each has a unique taste. Okonomiyaki - another Japanese dish , which I like. I think it looks like a pancake in our understanding , but they also have joined together cabbage, meat and eggs. If you order this dish in a restaurant , you are invited to cook it yourself. It is very tasty and usually it is served barbecue sauce or mayonnaise. I also like paella, Spanish cuisine. It consists of yellow rice and a variety of seafood . Sometimes there is a lot of spices. I also love Thai food . I love Mexican food . Probably , I do love all spicy. I also love fruits, especially tangerines and vinograd.Chto for drinks, my favorite - a milkshake. I also like to drink coffee in the morning . It helps me wake up .
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 I like to eat tasty food.  I prefer fish and vegetables. Sometimes i like meat too, but not pork.  I like shrimps, tomatoes, carrots and different fruits.  I dont like fast food restaurants, because its not wholesome food.  I like spaghetti and pizza a lot. Everyday i eat soup. In the morning I eat boiled eggs and drink coffee  with milk.