1. Rose isn't satisfied ... her marks.
a) with b) of с) at d) by
2. Tom lives in York. (1) ... first thing he can see from his bedroom window is (2) ... sea.
a) (1) A; (2) -
b) (1) The; (2) the
c) (1) The; (2) a
d) (1) -; (2) the
3. How long ... her tablet?
a) has Sophie got
b) has Sophie been having
c) is Sophie having
c) has Sophie had
4. Lena lives in Odessa now, but she ... in Moscow.
a) broke up
b) grew up
c) put out
d) got off
5. Since we (1) ... in, we (2) ... very busy.
a) (1) moved; (2) have been
b) (1) have moved; (2) were
c) (1) have moved; (2) are
d) (1) moved; (2) are
6. Mary can't call her mother. Her mobile phone doesn't work.
Mary (1) ... her mother if her mobile phone (2) ... .
a) (1) would can call; (2) was working
b) (1) could call; (2) would work
c) (1) would be able to call; (2) works
d) (1) could call; (2) worked
7. Josh and Pete sometimes ... truant from school.
a) play
b) go
c) miss
d) leave
8. Students ... cheat in the test. It's forbidden.
a) might for
b) needn't
c) mustn't
d) don't have to
9. It'll be alright, ...?
a) shall it
b) won't it
c) doesn't it
d) isn't it
10. My bedroom ... since Tuesday.
a) hasn't tidied.
b) hasn't been tidied
c) won't be tidied
d) wasn't tidying
11. Alice lives Saturdays! She can lie on the sofa all day and ... nothing.
a) do
b) make
c) take
d) does
12. Tina's parents made her ... the kitchen yesterday afternoon.
a) tidy
b) to tidy
c) to tidying
d) tigying
13. We ... the Daltons for tea in twenty minutes.
a) meet
b) will meet
c) will be meeting
d) are meeting
14. Margaret ... very well with her grandparents.
a) puts up
b) gets on
c) brings up
d) takes away


Ответы и объяснения

1 a  2b    3b  4b  5c   6b  7a  8c  9b  10b  11a  12b  13d  14b