Ответы и объяснения

I should do my homework.

I should wait for him.

I should go there.

he should come in the morning.

We should eat fruit and vegetables.

You must go and see this film.

You mustn't play with matches.

You must do as I tell you.

They must be waiting for us already.

you must learn it by heart.
1. Pupils must do homework by themselves.
2. Children must help their mothers with the washing up.
3.You mustn't give nicknames to your classmates.
4. We mustn't speak to our friends at the lessons.
5. All people must be polite to each other.

1. Students should wear school uniform
2. We should get good marks at the lessons.
3. What should I do now?
4. You shouldn't be so nervous.
5. I should set a good example to my little sister