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Whether there is at you so that you feel very lonely ? That you have no one to consult on some issue or do you miss the friendly support?Modern life, with its ever-increasing pace makes most of us every week to chat with a large number of people. Surprisingly, the more such " fleeting " friends we meet , the more difficult it can be to find among them real friends. And they and we can be very difficult to find enough time to tie his close friendship with any particular person. Modern life is literally squeezes out all the juices us and steals our time .We are looking for friends why that necessarily among , naively believing that people of the same age with us , we can understand better than those who are a little older or younger. But in fact it turns out that if the age of friendship and role plays , the very tiny . Because the man a little older than us ( and sometimes much older ) , to understand us better than our same age , because he has problems of our age when he is through. As well as ourselves , we are able to teach what man is younger than us and we do it with pleasure.LOOKING FOR FRIENDS! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST important thing in life !