Помогите! Нужно составить сочинение из 10 предложений на тему "Мой любимый вид спорта" на английском языке с переводом


Ответы и объяснения

My favorite sport is playing badminton. There are four reasons why I like it. Firstly, I can improve my health through playing it. I play it about 2 times every week. It makes me feel energetic everyday. Secondly, I enjoy the feeling that badminton flies in the air. I can change the movement direction of badminton without much effort and make opponent lose it. Thirdly, I can make many friends when I play badminton. I often play it with many kinds of persons. We can improve our skills with exercises. Also we talk about many interesting things when we have an break. Finally, playing badminton is not as intense as other sports such as basketball and soccer. It lessens the possibility of being hurt. So If you like playing badminton, please feel free to contact me. I think we can exchange experiences and make friends.