Cоставьте пжл предложения с этими словами:
At night,by day,at home,at work,at sunset,at first sight, at peace,to go to bed,to be in bed,by sea,by land, by name,by means of,at wear,by air,by water,at table,to be in town,by post, by heart,by chance,by mictake,by order of.
пжл помогите!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

We went to cinema at night by day незнаю We stayed at home that day my mother went at work He must go to bed-said mother He was lying in bed 2 hours We went to Russia by sea,not by land Trip by water named journey we were in yown that day He told us the poem by heart я не все написала
поставь пжл
а не надо
после that day,после at work,после said mother,после 2 hours,после by land,после named journey,после that day,после by heart