Помогите, пожалуйста, написать сочинение по английскому языку на тему: "Could you write me about your school?"


Ответы и объяснения

Dear David, I was awfully glad to get your last letter and happy to answer you.You know that my school is distinctive and I really admire studying here. It has its own style and stimulates every student to get better results. The teachers are always tolerant and every time you need their help, they try to slot in explaining us difficult tasks.Sport equipment is the best in our region as our school participates in sport-development program. I’ve recently joined one of the sport-club and consider it’s really worth doing. It’s awesome to relax into the after-school yoga classes, and it always provides me an excellent mood.Who is the best player in your team? Do you feel trembling in your knees before the match? Does your team have a chance to win?Looking forward to hear from you soon.Best wishes,Dana