Помогите написать текст по англ про мой любимый предмет в школе (10-15 предложений)


Ответы и объяснения

Hard to imagine how people would have lived if not knew how to count, measure, compare. It teaches math. First I met with math in math club "Eureka", where my mom brought me up to school. In a playful way we were taught to believe examples and problems to solve. Since then I fell in love with this science. In high school math was my favorite subject.
      With the numbers and figures all have to deal. Hardly anyone would deny the necessity of mathematical knowledge. After all, mathematics teaches a person to think, analyze, develops logical thinking and memory. Mathematical knowledge a person needs any profession. Without mathematics builder can not build a house, the pilot - lift into the air plane, train driver not lead. Also, thanks to mathematics there are many other new sciences and professions, there computers, computers.
      My dream is to work on the computer, I want to become a programmer. So I connect my future with math.